"TBH Since the fall 2016 the studio became more like a home to me. Leah you are very amiable person and you genuinely care for your students progress. I really enjoyed the games you come up with, it's always a pleasure to be part of your class." - Alvee

"Thank you for all your time and patience, you have been an amazing teacher, and your charisma and good mood made for a really nice class" - Eduardo

"I have had the pleasure of having Leah as a salsa and bachata instructor for the past year. Leah has always been very patient, and supportive. Very professional, Leah always welcomed and asked for feedback and encouraged openness and transparency to ensure everyone, instructors and students, had the best dancing and learning experiences. Leah's love for dance is quite contagious, she always keeps pushing herself and her students towards continuous improvement, with new and creative dance challenges!" - Ester

"I have had the pleasure of getting to know Leah as a dancer and as a person over the past year. I have yet to meet someone who paid that much attention to my dancing and my technique (and everyone else's)" - Teodora

"Leah is an outstanding instructor, patient, knowledgable, very friendly and approachable, and willing to work hard to get you where you want. " - Mike

"Working with Leah is an excellent opportunity to grow as a dancer. I can't count the amount of times I would lose faith in my abilities or get irritated that I wasn't catching on. But she has always been both patient and encouraging to keep at it and repeat the movements over and over until they stick. Not hesitating to stop and explain the combo or variation in a different manner if it's not being fully comprehended. In short she's a thrill to dance with and learn from and her enthusiasm is infectious with her never passing up a chance to dance and help others" - Tristan

"Leah is a wonderful dancer, who leverages her strength and grace from her ballet background in latin dances like salsa and bachata. She has been a pleasure to learn from, always energetic and supportive. In class I always enjoyed trying to copy her styling. She has definitely inspired me!" - Gabriela

"I discovered salsa, and the salsa community, about 4 years ago. From the very first event, I was hooked. I took lessons from a number of different people and studios. And loved to get out and dance with my fellow salseros and salseras. We have a terrific salsa scene in Hamilton, with lots going on. In that scene, Leah Fuller is a light, both as an instructor and as a dancer. Supportive, welcoming, attentive, and capable; Leah brings her full self to dancing. Whether teaching a new step or choreography, or enjoying a social dance, Leah’s attention is focused and positive. She provides feedback clearly and yet gently. Her classes (and dances) are fun, energetic, and well-paced. And boy, can she move! If you’re interested in taking your dancing to the next level, whatever that is, Leah can both help you and inspire you! I have always found it a true pleasure to learn from Leah. I hope you find as much joy and grace learning from her, as I have" - Chandra