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Private lessons are where you’ll learn the details on the technique, character, and styling of each dance. Since private lessons are customized to your style of learning, and you will receive one-on-one attention, you will progress much quicker.

In group classes teachers tend to give standard combinations and styling. You may find that you don't enjoy certain elements, or that a particular styling technique doesn't flatter you. In private lessons we work with, what works for you! Love/hate spins, or footwork? We will create lessons that bring out your strengths, as well as look good on you and your body when you dance. If students need to develop stronger technique in certain areas we will focus on drills which will strengthen and train your body for the dance floor!

Current students enrolled in group classes receive 20% off private lesson fees.

1 lesson $120
3 lessons $285
5 lessons $450
10 lessons $850
20 lessons $1580

We also offer packages for wedding packages and choreography! We can create one-of-a-kind routine, for your first dance, or for you're wedding party to learn. As well, plenty of students come looking to simply learn to dance in time for their wedding; they want to look good on the dance floor!