Gifts for Dancers!

We love supporting small businesses, and who doesn't love giving & getting gifts! With the holidays approaching we wanted to share of our favourite "pamper your favourite dancer" gifts! We have included a handful of ideas, where you can find them in the Hamilton area, and what our favourite thing to purchase there is!

1. Shoes Shoes & More Shoes! 
Right now they have a huge sale on dance shoes! All you need to know if your favourite dancer's foot size, typically dance shoes fit best as 1 size smaller than street shoes! Of course shoe accessories like suede brushes or stinky feet spray are fantastic! 
Check out Dance & Sport Boutique Located on James Street North 
*Capezio Dance Tights* 

2. Stretchy Clothes! Tights! Tanks! Water bottles! 
Dancers can never have enough black tights, or tanks. But there are so many sporty things that we love, foam rollers, and non-spill water bottles, yoga blocks and traps to help us with stretching. 
Check out Om on Locke Street South
*Foam Rollers*

3. Anything Relaxing! Epsom Salts! Bubble Bath! 
After long nights at the studio or out social dancing there is nothing more relaxing than coming home to a bath with epsom salts, or bubble bath (and a candle or two). Going O'Natural is ideal! 
Check out Pure Home Couture on Locke Street South
*Lavender Bubble Bath*

4. Massage. Because everything hurts.
Since dance is so physical, often... Everything hurts. Knees, ankles, shoulders, you name it. There are so many non invasive remedies and alternative routes to help soothe muscle aches. Massage, acupuncture, osteopathy, reflexology, kinesio taping are all fantastic!  
Check out Lavandula Wellness Centre in Dundas or on Concession

5.  3 Words! More. Dance. Classes.
Cross training is great, and there are so many fantastic instructors in Hamilton! Grab a gift certificate for a ballet, hip-hop, bellydancing, contemporary, or salsa class! If you're not sure which your dancing pal would benefit from, give us a call and we can pointe (hehe!) you in the best direction! 
Contact Us For Our Recommended Cross Training Instructors