What do I Wear?

Feel free to dress in what you are most comfortable and able to move in, and remember layers and light clothing help as you will get warm throughout the class.

Please bring a change of shoes! We want to keep the dance floor clear of outside debris. You will need shoes that will allow you to turn without gripping the floor. Men bring in your dress shoes, while ladies should choose a shoe with a slight heel, and a strap - as long as they stay on your feet!
If you are interested in purchasing Latin Dance shoes visit our shoe page HERE for details


What if I don't have a partner?

Not to worry!  Most of our students join our classes and programs without dance partners.  We simply match you up and rotate partners throughout the class. 


I have two left feet. Do you think I could learn to dance?

If you can count to 8 you can dance! Our beginner salsa class is perfect for getting comfortable with Latin dance. You will never know what you are capable of, until you take the leap and try something new! All that we ask is you stay teachable and come with an open mind!


Where can I go to practice?

Visit our events page for details on events and weekly socials that happen in Hamilton and the surrounding area! As well, there are often groups of students who car pool and travel around Ontario, and the US to attend events, workshops, and congresses. Send us a message and we will help connect you so you maximize your learning! 


What is the difference between On1 and On2 Salsa? 

"On1" is also known as L.A. Style (typically high energy dips, tricks and spins)
"On2" is also known as Mambo, and N.Y. Club Style Salsa (typically stronger emphasis on technique and musicality)

First understand that both are acceptable, and fun! And, both are danced to the 123, 567 counts, with holds on the 4, & 8 counts of music.

So the difference is instead of "breaking" on the 1st and 5th beats as in "On1" Style, "On 2" dancers "break" their movement, or "rock step" on the 2nd and 6th beats of the measure. Calling it "breaking On 2", or "dancing On 2".

It boils down to personal preference because the difference in the timing gives light to the most important difference of all – the feeling of dancing On1 or On2. Because the Slow part of the Quick Quick Slow rhythm is at a different point in the music, this gives the two styles a considerably different emphasis, and also, a different connection with the music.

There is no right or wrong, you choose for yourself which you prefer, but you can only do that if you learn both!