What to Expect When You Step Into Salsa

Often times, students are apprehensive to come to Salsa classes for one reason or another, they don't have a partner, they don't know anyone, they think they will look silly, and the list goes on. Do not fear! Here are 10 things you can expect before, during and after your first salsa class! 

  1. Everyone else is just as excited, nervous, awkwardly smiling and not sure what to expect just like you. 
  2. Everyone will come dressed differently. Some people wear jeans, some wear running shoes, some people come in a skirt and heels! 
  3. You will meet lots of new people, and there is a good chance you won't remember their name. But don't sweat it, they probably won't remember yours either! (psst thats the reason we use name tags for the first 3 classes) 
  4.  You will learn the basic steps to salsa and go through a rollercoaster of emotions
     * Salsa Rollercoaster *
  5. Your teacher will make a few cheesy jokes
  6. You will be amazed at the Salsa Counting Song!
  7. You will be so thankful you have only 2 feet
  8. You will notice that just like when you were in school, you have one students who tends to be a class clown
  9. You will get incredibly excited when your teacher puts on a real song and you're dancing with the music! 
  10. Before you know it the class will be over and you will never want to hear the Counting song ever again... That is... Until next week when you're excited again to hear the Counting song! 


Something that is very important to remember, not only as a beginner, but throughout your dance journey is that we all started with the same 123,567. So don't be ashamed of forgetting a count, and remember to stay humble because we all started somewhere.