Dance Class Etiquette

Dance class is a wonderful environment to learn not only the in's and out's of the Salsa world, but its a great spot to brush up on etiquette! Since Salsa dancing is a true contact sport, it is helpful to be mindful of the little things that help to make for an enjoyable time for all.

1. Attendance
Please be on time, and stay for the duration of the class. It is disrespectful & disruptive to the instructor and fellow students when students are coming in and out of class. Early is on time, On time is late, and late is unacceptable. 

2. Hygiene
Please be mindful of your body odour (wear deodorant & reapply if necessary), avoid excessive amount of cologne/perfume, and shower regularly. We suggest you keep makeup to a minimum as well, since sweating can cause it to run and sting your eyes. We offer spray deodorant, and mints please use them, and if need be, bring a towel :). 

3. Communication
Please remember that there is often lots happening in a dance class, exchanges with your partner are encouraged and are is helpful wen learning. Please keep them at a low volume (no one should hear you over the music), and refrain from talking when the instructor is explaining. 

4. Attire
Please keep in mind you will be moving and you will be dancing with a partner, attire must be respectful, and appropriate for dance class. We ask that you keep jewelry (earrings, rings, watches, necklaces etc) to a minimum to avoid any unnecessary injuries. If you wouldn't wear it to the grocery store chances are you shouldn't be wearing it to class. 

5. Intoxicants
Students who come to class visibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave. It creates a distracting environment for fellow students and takes away from their learning experience. 

6. Attitude
Everyone has challenging days but dance class is the one place where students can put down the stress of daily life. Come into class with an open mind, positivity, and an encouraging attitude! This will not only make it a more enjoyable experience and help you to learn faster, but make it a better environment for all your partners and fellow students! 

7. Safe Space
We understand that learning to dance can be a vulnerable thing. It's brand-new, most people feel like they have 2 left feet, and everyone makes lots of mistakes when they first learning (just like anything new). It is imperative that all students feel welcome, regardless of age, gender, race, orientation, and/or everything in between! Please keep an eye out on your fellow students and if, or anyone you feel is having a bit of a hard time with partner dancing dynamic please let the instructor know! 



What to Expect When You Step Into Salsa

What to Expect When You Step Into Salsa

Often times, students are apprehensive to come to Salsa classes for one reason or another, they don't have a partner, they don't know anyone, they think they will look silly, and the list goes on. Do not fear! Here are 10 things you can expect before, during and after your first salsa class!